We are driven by a passion for unsurpassed comfort, speed and performance. Every Glider Yacht is a bespoke hand-crafted masterpiece and is as unique as its privileged owner’s finger-print; the underlying engineering brilliance and exceptional quality truly sets Gliders apart.

Our Team
A collection of highly innovative professionals, who are devoted to excellence and empowered to innovate within a company culture that nurtures creativity. As a collective, we continually push the realm of what is possible and continually strive to evolve. Our seasoned advisory board adds centuries of wisdom to guide our forward strategy.

Our Mission
Glider Yachts’ mission is to become the world’s leading supplier of high-performance, luxury superyachts.

Our Technology
Seven years of intensive design, development, analysis and testing, by aero and hydro dynamists, F1 and aerospace engineers and naval architects using highly advanced computer aided design have been bought together at Glider Yachts. All our team are pioneers in their fields and are dedicated to delivering the world’s ultimate high speed luxury yachts.

Our Partners
We have partnered with the world’s finest in each field, from materials, design, software and engineering to global sales. All have committed to being part of the global team delivering the worlds most advanced high speed luxury yachts.