Super Sports

The Super Sports (SS18) is the ultimate statement in high speed, futuristic design and pure luxury.

Engineered and built in the same custom-made manner found in the latest private jets or F1 cars, the SS is a true reflection of Glider’s progressive ultra-modern performance marine design.

The SS offers the exclusive few an enjoyable, fun and exhilarating experience and arrival and departure is a silent affair, with a presence that will grace and turn heads at any location.

The SS gives a unique ride with unprecedented levels of comfort, stability, manoeuvrability and agility never seen before in a sports day boat. Perfect for those with a fast-paced and demanding lifestyle, you will have easy access to safe controllable power capable of reaching 56+knots at all times to ensure your destination is reached with maximum efficiency.

Crafted in the UK using the latest advanced marine composites and finest materials, the SS incorporates a bespoke, luxurious and spacious open cockpit for Pilot and 4 guests.

For true exhilaration seekers, why not unleash the 3400bhp of the Hyper Sports version with sub 3.5 seconds 0-60 acceleration and top speed over 96+knots.